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  • Updates: The duo project split up. Wil (mandolin, guitar, bass) moved back to Ohio. I moved to another part of the Charleston area. The crime scene has been torn down. Restarting, making new connections, and reuniting with some old ones. And getting better on the sax.

  • The duo music project is on hold. The house I’m living in is for sale, it will certainly be torn down, and the lease expires @ end of June. Looking for new digs, which may or may not be in the Charleston area.

  • My alto sax arrived Monday and I think I’m in love. The sound is amazing. But funny thing, all these woodwinds excursions (flute, tenor and alto saxes) seriously improve my harp work.

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    Hope to have something to show the venue owners by Feb. 1.

  • Things coming together. Got a song list. Got some skeletal recordings together for possible demos. Working on a website; will piggyback the band page on this site for now. Getting some equipment issues ironed out.

    Oh yeah. Starting to sound good too. That could be important.

  • Snowing here in South Carolina, so we rehearse. Got three simulated sets out, basically a whole gig’s worth. I’m encouraged.

    Wil = Guitars, mandolin, vocals.
    Me = Harp, flute, tenor sax, vocals.

  • This is getting fun. In rehearsal right now with an old bandmate. We have more than 30 songs listed and a lot more in our pockets, and we’re developing something of a sound. And I’m branching out with other instruments. Hoping we’ll a) have something to show here in the next month or so and b) we’ll be haunting some music venues this summer.

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    Doing a couple of mop-up things on this site. Adding some blog posts and pix. Updating some stuff. You know the drill.

    Bandmix page =

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    Well, of course older. Hard to avoid that one.

  • Killed ’em dead over the past few days. An evening with the Folly Beach Bluegrass Society, offering proof positive that the old fart still got it. A session with old and new friends the next night, including a vocalist I never worked with before.

  • Back home in South Carolina, ready to start checking on some old band buddies. Hopefully older, wiser, badder than ever.