All blues, the whole blues, and nothing but the blues

Got to picking on some blues with old and new friends Oct. 7. This was with the Lowcountry Blues Club in North Charleston. Actually spent more time shooting & socializing than I did playing, but it was worth it. Broke out some tenor sax & didn’t totally stink up the place.

Juke Joint Johnny is one of the better-known harp players in the area. Hadn’t heard him in years. Of course we talked shop after playing.
Why did I keep thinking of the old blues movie Crossroads?
Don’t know who the bassist is, but he gave a real slap&pop clinic.
I needed to hear this guy – he really schooled me on sax.
It’s blues, so keys are essential.
Blues time.
Three chords and the truth.

Rehearsal time

What better way to spend a snow day than to pick on some tunes? Bandmate/roommate Wil St. John goes over some material while I sneak a camera into the mix. A lot of instruments between the two of us.

Taking Bellflower

We lit ’em up at Angel City in Bellflower CA March 18. Was a lot of fun.


From left: Gary Travis (v), me (hp), Jim Gray (g-v), Gonzalo Elicea (g), Joey Mauricio (pc). I’m sure having Jim standing between the two tallest guys was not intentional, but it made a great sight gag.


The Jim Gray Band cutting up with radio personality Sean Michaels after the gig. Here we’re comparing scars, just like in Jaws.